Ambassador's opening speech on Doing Business in China forum

Dear Mr. Vilja Lubi,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good morning.

It is such a pleasure to have you all in this golden September to talk about business cooperation between China and Estonia.

There is a Chinese saying called Golden September and Silver October, which means September is the month of harvest, and also the beginning of new wishes. In this promising month, together with all of you who are interested in the Chinese market, we sow the seeds of hope and look forward to a fruitful harvest in the future, and a gold future.

After 18 days, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the past 70 years, the Chinese people have been striving for self-improvement and have made a tremendous progress. The total economic aggregate jumped from less than 10 billion U.S. dollars at the beginning of its founding to 13.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2018. China now is the world second largest economy and the largest trader of goods, which injects strong power into the growth of global economy. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up policy, China's success has attracted worldwide attention. China's development model provides a different reference for countries and nations in the world who would like to accelerate development while maintain its independence. It’s Chinese wisdom and solutions have been contributed to the development of world economy. China’s achievements have fully proved that peaceful development, openness and inclusiveness as well the win-win cooperation are the right path to the prosperity of a country and the happiness of its people.

· China’s development has been well integrated into the world, and

vice versa. We are living in an era of globalization, in which countries are increasingly interdependent. We are on a same boat sailing for bright future. No country can develop itself in isolation. The zero-sum game won’t survive. The old winner-takes-all mentality no longer works. Simply pursuing the maximization of self-interests and the supremacy of national interests will only lead to more conflicts and confrontation. Multilateralism must replace unilateralism, and win-win cooperation will replace winner-takes-all. This world developing trend won’t be stopped. Like many other countries, Estonia is also a trade-oriented economy. I'm sure all of you have more feeling to this. Therefore, only by adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation, inclusiveness and balance can more countries and people enjoy the benefits of economic globalization. Only when all develop together, it is real development. Only when we achieve sustainable development, it is sound development.

China's economy is a strong driving force for global economic development. China has enormous development resilience, potential and room for growth. China also has built up the world leading and complete industrial system and increasing technological innovation capacity. The long-term positive trend of China's economy will not change. Moreover, China is constantly deepening its policies of reforms and opening up, optimizing the business environment and creating more business opportunities for the world. China will always stand with the rest of the world, unswervingly promote economic globalization, safeguard the multilateralism with WTO as its core, uphold the principal of mutual respect and benefit and equality and jointly develop the construction of an open global economy.

The forum today is a small adding to China’s national reform and opening up policy which is in need to the Estonian business society. In recent years, China-Estonia relations have been developing steadily. Based on the three memorandums signed in 2017 on "Belt and Road" Initiative, e-commerce and digital Silk Road, cooperation between our two countries has kept a strong momentum. The companies from both countries have already built up cooperation and collaboration in various fields such as logistics, agri-food, wood industry and service, etc. They are also exploring the cooperation in digital economy, clean energy, high-tech, and so on. China is now the biggest export destination of Estonia in Asia. I learned from my EAS colleagues that in the first half of this year Estonia's exports to China increased by 22% compared with the same time of last year. This means that our continuous efforts to promote the development of bilateral trade have achieved a little bit of success. This little success I believe is made by the entrepreneurs from both sides. Some maybe are hereby today. This, on the other way, proves that there is great potential for trade between our two countries. I would say all entrepreneurs should have confidence in your vision and efforts. The Chinese market will not make you disappoint.

As the economic and trade relations between the two countries warm up, the desire for cooperation among enterprises is growing stronger. But from the local companies that came for consultation, I learned that many Estonian entrepreneurs are short of the knowledge of and connectivity to the Chinese market. Many of them feel hard to find the right path to such a huge market. Upon this interest, our Embassy decided to take up this forum to meet the needs of Estonian entrepreneurs. We invited experts and scholars to introduce China's investment policy, business environment and customs clearance policy. For practical purpose, we have a charming speaker from Alibaba to give you an instruction on how to register and sell in China on its platform. To make it easier for you to understand, this event partner Enterprise Estonia have invited local entrepreneurs to present you some very useful and practical experience sharing. I hope this forum can ease some of your concerns. More importantly, I hope that, through our initiative to walk into you, you can have a better and correct understanding of the Chinese market so that you no longer need to know China by hearing something from others. Of course, cooperation between businesses of our two countries requires sustainable and stable political relations as well as support from all walks of life. Mutual understanding with a positive attitude would definitely promote the development of bilateral relations and escalate the growth of business cooperation. This forum is only a good start. We always welcome everyone to come to consult and cooperate. We are always ready to serve as a bridge for China-Estonia friendly relations, paving the way for cooperation between the business communities from our two countries.

Finally, I hope that it will be rewarding experiences for you and wish everyone a meaningful day today.

Thank you!

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