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Hu Jintao Meets with UN Secretary General


On the afternoon of October 12, 2004, Chinese President Hu Jintao met in the Great Hall of the People with visiting UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

Hu said the current international situation is continuing to undergo complex and profound changes. Peace and development remain the themes of today's world, but instability and uncertainties are obviously on the rise. How to respond to threats and challenges and how to maintain world peace and promote common development are important questions faced by the international community. Hu pointed out as the most representative and authoritative inter-governmental organization, the United Nations provides a vital arena for the practice of multilateralism and the enhancement of international collaboration. Under the new situation, the expectation of the international community to the United Nations has increased rather than decreased. A powerful United Nations can help guide the world on major issues of peace and development and the UN Charter remains the action guide for international relations. To practice multilateralism and enhance international cooperation, we need to safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. Hu noted that China will support, as always, the strengthening of the international multilateral mechanism with the United Nations at the core, the reform of the United Nations as well as the important role played by the United Nations and its Secretary General in international affairs.

Annan thanked Hu for meeting with him, indicating he agreed upon President Hu's analyses and views on the international situation. He appreciated the Chinese government's long-standing support both for the UN and for himself. Annan said China is exerting a growing influence on international affairs and has become a major force in the process of maintaining world peace and development. The Chinese government has achieved positive results in realizing the Millennium Development Goals. With the aim of enabling the United Nations to better respond to various threats and challenges, the UN reforms require continued strong support from the vast number of its member states, including China.

The two sides also exchanged views on important international and regional issues such as the situations in Iraq and the Middle East.

Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Wang Guangya were also present at the meeting.

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